Drinking Coffee Linked To Lower Risk Of Diabetes

It’s always great when you find out something you’re already doing is good for your health and new research suggests your favorite morning beverage may help protect you against diabetes. According to a study out this week, drinking coffee may reduce your risk of type 2 diabetes.

The research looks at the effects of drinking coffee on more than 150-thousand people, specifically their hormones and inflammation markers. It suggests that coffee may have anti-inflammatory effects and may impact hormones that affect blood sugar levels. Drinking one additional cup of coffee - up to 6 cups - every day is linked to a 4 to 6% lower risk of type 2 diabetes, the study finds.

The type of coffee also makes a difference, filtered coffee or espresso are associated with the biggest risk reduction. This isn’t the first study on the relationship between coffee and type 2 diabetes, but previous research didn’t get into the mechanisms behind the beverage’s effects. This doesn’t mean we should keep the coffee pot on all day and researchers recommend sticking with preventative measures that are known to work, like exercise, following a healthy diet, not smoking and limiting alcohol.

Source: Eat This, Not That

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