A New Study Claims There Are Five Distinct Flirting Styles

Think flirting is only for single people? Then you’d be missing out on how it can be good for a relationship, as it can keep you and your partner bonded and satisfied, both in and out of the bedroom. And flirting isn’t just one thing, a study from the University of Kansas finds there are actually five distinct styles of flirting:

  • Physical flirting - Where sexual desire is made obvious.
  • Traditional flirting - This is when one person “courts” the other, who’s the more passive one.
  • Polite flirting - Good manners play a big part in this style.
  • Sincere flirting - Strong emotional connections are established with this one.
  • And playful flirting - Being silly and having fun are the key here.

Flirting styles have a huge impact on relationship success, according to the research. It finds those who engage in playful flirting and flirting for flirting’s sake are less likely to have meaningful relationships than those who do sincere or polite flirting. While those that engage in physical flirting are more likely to have meaningful relationships, as well as have sexual chemistry with their partners.

Even if you’re in a long-term relationship, it’s important to keep flirting with your partner to keep the passion going. These tips can help you get back into flirting:

  • Let your partner know you want them by sending sexy texts that can be playful, but make your desire clear.
  • Treat each other like lovers, not roommates.
  • Get ready for date night like you used to. Bring back those butterflies you used to get before dates by taking time for yourself and flirting in anticipation of your hot date.

Source: USA Today

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