Orange Is The Wedding Color of 2023

We may only be four months into 2023, but we already know what the big wedding color is this year…. and it’s orange! Before you start imaging pumpkins or traffic cones everywhere, we’ll stop you there. It’s not that shade of orange, but it’s warm, soft shades of orange. Think summer blooms or sunset color orange instead.

This all comes from the latest Pinterest Business Report, which says that “rust married” is their trending wedding hashtag. The “burnt orange wedding theme” has become popular on Pinterest, increasing by 695%! This “burnt orange” color is what comes to mind when you think of autumn leaves or flower petals.

This orange color is found in all aspects of wedding planning, the report shows. Both “copper saree” and “orange dress outfit wedding” were up by 285%. Décor, such as orange wedding centerpieces, has been trending, too.

Source: Glam

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