Only 54% Of Young Men Brush Teeth Every Day (?!?)

When it comes to personal hygiene and self-care, women tend to know what they’re doing, but men may need more help than we realized. A new survey of 2-thousand Gen Z and millennial men finds that 73% admit they need an intervention with their self-care habits. They also confess they need someone to confront them about their skin care routine, or lack thereof (42%), their diet (42%), fitness levels (37%) and how much sleep they get (34%).

The poll reveals that 33% of guys between the ages of 18 and 42 have no skincare routine at all. But even worse? Only 54% of them brush their teeth every day! And far fewer are washing their faces daily (35%), flossing (30%) or moisturizing (19%).

  • For the fellas who do take care of their skin, 50% were motivated to by a first date and 48% by their first job.
  • There are a lot of things the men surveyed would rather do than follow a skin care routine, including go on a bad date (50%), go to a doctor’s appointment (49%), clean out their email inbox completely (45%), and even do their laundry by hand for a month (41%).
  • Even men who take care of their skin tend to spend more time in the bathroom reading (20.3 minutes) and on their phone (19.1 minutes) than on skincare (17 minutes).
  • Guys in relationships may be doing better than their single friends, as 76% of coupled-up men use their partner’s personal care products, mostly shampoo or conditioner (43%), moisturizer (41%) or cleanser (32%).
  • More than two-thirds (71%) of men are more likely to borrow their S.O.’s skin care products than buy their own, with 20% saying it’s because they don’t know what ingredients to look for and 17% saying there are just too many options to pick from.

Source: Study Finds

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