The Pear Ring Wants To Help Singles Meet People IRL

Would you wear a ring that tells the world that you’re single? That’s what The Pear Ring is hoping. It’s an actual ring to wear on your finger and according to its website, it’s the “world’s biggest social experiment” and “the opposite of engagement rings.” Wearing the green-colored band announces to others that you’re available and “open to conversation IRL.”

The goal of The Pear Ring is to end the culture of dating apps and help people make real connections in person. Millions of the $25 rings have already been sold, the website reports, which means there could be people at your gym, bar, or train wearing one and looking for others wearing one to hit on. “If 1.2 billion singles around the world wore a little green ring on their finger to show they’re single, we wouldn’t need dating apps,” the site reads. “IRL connection is the mission.”

So is it actually a product to help singles meet people naturally, or is it a ploy to get our money? Time will tell, but social media users have suggested that women who wear the ring will be solicited more often, for better or worse. But others are more optimistic:

  • One TikToker writes, “Interesting, it does feel Black Mirror-ish, but also imagine being in Trader Joe’s and knowing who’s single … A dream.”
  • “Seeing a cute guy and not finding out he’s got a girl already,” comments another. “Amazing.”

Source: Interesting Engineering

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