The Biggest Signs That Someone's Selfish

What’s considered selfish and what’s not considered selfish? It could be a fine line. Redditor u/Potatoe_stealer was curious about this, and asked fellow Redditors “What is a telltale sign that someone is a selfish person?” Here’s what people thought were the biggest signs.

  • “'I’m just telling it like it is.' They state their opinions like they’re indisputable facts that others must agree with."
  • "They respond about how worse their situation is when you’re sharing your problems with them. No try to help or listen, just trying to draw attention to their side."
  • "They keep changing their story to suit their own needs. To make them look like the 'right one' and like you're 'evil'. Even if you just caught them doing something completely wrong they'll still find a way to completely switch it around and blame you."
  • "If they always talk about themselves."
  • "Doesn’t think they’re wrong in the slightest bit. They can’t shoulder any bit of responsibility."
  • "They bring nothing to the potluck but are first in line."
  • "It's a cliché answer, but I have found the 'return the shopping cart' test to be pretty accurate. It is such a small thing, but it does tell you if a person thinks small things like that matter."
  • "For me, it's people who listen to loud TikToks in public, especially in relatively silent places."

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Source: Reddit

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