Simple Things That Make People Unreasonably Happy

Life can be challenging and frustrating, but sometimes the simple pleasures can make all the difference. A Reddit thread has people sharing them by asking, “What’s a small thing that makes you unreasonably happy?”

These are the small things that bring smiles and joy to people’s lives:

  • “When my cat joins me in bed and snuggles up to my face”
  • “A random baby looking over its parent's shoulder and giggling at me on the bus”
  • “Clocking out on Friday!!!”
  • “The first day of the year when it’s warm enough to comfortably wear shorts.”
  • “Waking up without an alarm, and not having any responsibilities for the day.”
  • “Finding a really good song out of nowhere”
  • “Dogs that are just happy and doing their thing. For example, if I'm driving by and someone is walking their dog and the dog has that little step with the tail wag cuz they are loving their walks. It just makes me smile so much.”
  • “The smell of fresh baked bread. I don't even like bread that much, but the smell of it baking just makes me so happy. “
  • “That moment when you're studying or working on material you don't really comprehend and then, suddenly, you get that moment of realization and it just clicks. Then you feel like you are a master at work”
  • “The first sip of coffee in the morning!”
  • “Radiator pants. No matter how bad my day is, when I drop my pants and put them on the radiator for five minutes, it always puts a smile on my face putting them back on. It's like my legs are being hugged by polar bears and not being mauled, it's amazing!”
  • “Catching all the green lights”
  • “Jeans that fit well”
  • “Smelling the residue of perfume/cologne that was left by a loved one.”
  • “When you find that one pen that just writes perfectly”
  • “That brief second of silence when driving under a bridge in a rainstorm”
  • “Seeing that one person you love immensely do something they enjoy. That face they pull when they're focusing on it just puts a smile on my face.”
  • “A perfectly cooked piece of bacon”

Source: Reddit

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