Personal Hygiene Hacks Redditors Wish More People Knew

From people who take their shoes and socks off on airplanes to watching your coworker leave the bathroom without washing their hands, sharing spaces with other humans can be a challenge. It seems a lot of folks could use a refresher course in basic cleanliness and Redditors are ready to provide it.

An AskReddit thread asks, “What are some hygiene tips you wish more people knew?” More than 4-thousand have offered their thoughts and these are some of the best.

  • “Perfume is not a substitute for washing and deodorant.”
  • “You actually have to SCRUB your FEET...just standing in soapy water doesn't actually wash off the bacteria between your toes...if you have stinky feet, this will most likely fix your issue.”
  • “You are nose blind to yourself, so take initiative now to prevent problems. If you smell yourself then it's really bad, but never let it get to that point”
  • “You can wash your pillows and bath mats!”
  • “If someone offers you a breath mint. Take it. Assume He/she is giving you a polite hint.”
  • “Close the lid before you flush.”
  • “Deodorant goes on before you start stinking”
  • “Brush your tongue!”
  • “3 years of a pandemic- and half you filthy pigs STILL don't wash your hands properly!”
  • “Floss your d*mn teeth. Brushing isn't enough to prevent the bad things that happen to good teeth. Ask your hygienist to show you how. 90% of people aren't doing it right.”
  • “For gawd's sake, parents, tell your 6th graders to wear some deodorant!”
  • “Nobody realizes the amount of pee, blood and feces are on the stall latch. Wash your hands!”
  • “Pillowcases need to be washed often.”
  • “If your towel smells mildew-y, so does your body”
  • “PLEASE wash your reusable water bottle! I know I know refilling your water bottle is super eco friendly but you gotta make sure you're washing it regularly to avoid any gross bacteria buildup”
  • “Clean your belly button. It gets rough in there.”

Source: Reddit

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