Follow These Tips To Have A Great First Week At A New Job

So you’ve got a new job, congratulations! You should be proud. But along with this pride, you’re probably feeling worried or nervous, too. Making a good first impression can set the tone for your career there. Instead of getting overwhelmed trying to figure out how to make a good first impression, follow these tips and you’ll have a great first week!

  1. Become aware of your day-to-day responsibilities. They tend to be laid out for you when you start, but if they’re not, reach out to someone for clarity or even ask to shadow someone in a similar role.
  2. Follow the dress code. It really does show how seriously you’re taking your position. If no dress code’s in place, it’s still recommended to dress in a way that’s presentable and respectable.
  3. Take notes if needed. There’s no shame in this! Write down anything you think may be beneficial to you, big or small.
  4. Introduce yourself to your co-workers. It’s as simple as introducing yourself to new people you see walking by or are in meetings with. Try your best to remember as many names as possible, too.
  5. Think of conversation starters in advance. This will help you meet more people too and really get to know them. It limits any awkward silences that could happen after you introduce yourself.
  6. Observe others for the blueprint for managing your workload. You can gauge how your workdays will and should look based on seeing what other people in similar roles’ days look like.
  7. Sign up for off-the-clock events to show your enthusiasm. If your work has social events, go and meet other colleagues! It’ll also show upper management that you’re taking the job and company seriously.

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Source: Glam

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