Workout Wooing Is A New Dating Trend

There’s a new dating trend out there, and if working out is one of your priorities, you’re gonna wanna listen up. “Workout wooing” is the latest thing and it means exactly what it sounds like – integrating some form of physical activity into your dating life.

New data from Bumble and Gymshark found:

  • 22% of Gen Zers and millennials who are single did something fitness-related on a first date.
  • 32% of people said they’ve taken a fitness class hoping to meet a potential partner.
  • 29% of Gen Zers and millennials would rather do something fitness related on a first date than go to a bar.
  • 46% of them said they’d rather meet someone while working out than at the club.


These findings or “workout wooing” don’t surprise Bumble’s vice president of Europe, Naomi Walkland. “From skiing to Pilates, people can show off their favorite hobbies in their profile photos, bios, or by adding an interest badge to their profile and incorporating this into a first date can be an easy way to break the ice when you first meet,” she explained.

Source: Bolde

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