When To Say "I Love You"

There’s no phrase that holds more weight and consequences than saying “I love you.” A new Censuswide survey shows 1-in-10 say those three little words within three weeks of a new relationship, while the majority waited three to four months.

Is it possible to say it too early? Psychologist and dating expert Madeleine Mason Roantree says absolutely. She says it’s too early if you don’t know the person well. Here are some benchmarks to meet first:

  • Meeting friends, family, and colleagues
  • Learning about their upbringing
  • Knowing their habits and daily routines
  • Learning personal details like painful or embarrassing moments in their history
  • Having a couple of meaningful experiences or trips together

Roantree says this can take up to a year. She notes if you say the “L” word within the first month, then you may be in love with the idea of a relationship and not the person.

Source: Metro

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