Poll Finds Many of Us Feel Underqualified For Most Jobs

A new survey finds that a quarter of Americans don’t feel qualified for jobs in today’s market. A new poll of 2,000 Americans who are looking for work found 39% worry that interviewers won’t find them to be qualified for the job they’ve applied for. Meanwhile, 18% are afraid of being overqualified.

The study, Commissioned by Adecco Group and conducted by OnePoll, found several other useful pieces of information that give a more thorough look into what the average American wants out of the workforce.

  • Out of all the respondents, 75% of those currently employed said they’d feel better about their job if they were able to spread their wings and learn new skills in their field.
  • Meanwhile, 67% said they’d like to see offer job-related education options as part of their employment.
  • Others want to have a better sense of the big picture. This was shown by 67% of respondents who said they’d feel more satisfied in their work if they knew more about the company they were working for.
  • Sometimes it’s all about diversifying as 58% feel they could use their current skill set to forge a path in a different career.

As for what potential employees would like to see from employers, they listed the following four things:

  • Dedicated time for learning new skills - 56%
  • Education related to your specific role - 50%
  • National certification in your field - 33%
  • Mentorship - 32%

 Source: SWNS Digital

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