A New Survey Finds 35% Of Renters Have Snuck A Pet Past Their Landlord

A survey of 1,000 people commissioned by Mars Petcare has found that 35% of those who are either renting or who have rented in the past were living with a furry, four-legged roommate even though they weren’t allowed to have pets as part of their lease agreement. Out of that group, 25% admitted harboring the animal made them feel anxious, worried, or guilty. 

How were the tenants caught?

The vast majority (48%) say they were busted during a surprise visit by the landlord, while 21% say they were caught when they were out and about or walking their dog. The remaining 21% blame snitches for tipping off the landlord.

Out of the tenants who were caught red-handed, 22% sadly said it led to them being evicted.

If you’re wondering exactly which species renters were the most likely to own, you’d be right if you said dogs (59%) and cats (56%). Rabbits came in a distant third at 8%.

Source: SWNS Digital

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