Woman Disgusted To Match With Brother On Hinge

Looking for love online can be frustrating, as anyone who’s done it can tell you. But a woman who reluctantly returned to dating apps after bad experiences was not impressed with the results of a recent match. Dani says that after re-downloading Hinge to give it another try, she got a shocking match.

“I could vomit at who my most compatible was,” she says in a TikTok video, before revealing the unexpected match. “So this is my brother,” Dani shares, while showing her sibling’s dating profile. “Super cute, right? Yeah. It runs in the family.”

She says Hinge matched her with her brother, Jordan, because of their “compatibility,” and jokes that she doesn’t know if he’s the one for her, but they “are compatible in the sense we share the same parents and shelter growing up and like blood and DNA and all those fun things.” And Dani encourages other single ladies to check him out and let her know if they’re interested. Her video has racked up more than 374-thousand views and has commenters sharing their own less-than-ideal experiences on the apps.

  • “My most compatible was my ex, I deleted Hinge immediately after,” one writes.
  • “I’ve gotten my brother as my most compatible three separate times,” a woman shares.
  • “I can barely handle being matched with someone with the same name as my brother,” shares another.
  • “Most compatible for a blood transfusion maybe,” jokes a third.
  • And there are a lot of comments from women who are interested in Dani’s brother, like this one who posts, “I wish I got most compatible with Jordan!”

Source: Nine.com

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