These Things Instantly Kill The Vibe At A Party

Parties can be a lot of fun … right up until some faux pas ruins the whole mood. Whether it’s a fancy dinner party or a raging house party, a bad party foul can wreck it completely. A Reddit thread asks, “What instantly kills the vibe at a party?” And with more than 17-thousand responses, people have a lot of thoughts on this one.

These are some of the worst party vibe killers:

  • “If the hosts are a couple, and they get into a fight.”
  • “Being that one sad drunk who is loud as h*ll.”
  • “I was at a staff party with an open bar, and it reached the time when the first clusters of guests were leaving. When they went to get their coats from the closet, they discovered a young new team member who we thought had left hours ago. He had stripped off all his clothes, made a nest of jackets, soiled everything, and passed out. Killed the vibe for sure.”
  • “Someone putting the big light on.”
  • “Someone took a dump in the sink at a house party of mine once. That was a buzz killer, for sure!”
  • “Shortage of drinks when everything is closed.”
  • “When someone changes a song before the best part, I've done this and got my dumba** ex-communicated.”
  • “Cops.”
  • “When people take over the TV to share YouTube videos.”
  • “Pointing out someone's recent bad experience. Someone thought it would be a good idea to loudly ask a girl, 'Hey, I heard you failed your test so hard that you flunked out of your program. Is that true?'”
  • “Using the party for MLM sales opportunities. I was invited to a dinner party and only found out when I got there that it was a pitch for Amway. When I arrived, I was told there would be a 'short' presentation before dinner. I said, 'No, thank you,' and left.”
  • “Someone trying to show off a weapon. (especially a gun, it's time to nope out)”
  • “The crying girl that needs everyone to console her. Get out of the bathroom; there's a line forming!”
  • “When someone turns off the music and starts playing an acoustic guitar.”
  • “Landing on your car keys when you try to do the splits.”

Source: Reddit

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