Things To Ditch To Instantly Make Your Home Decluttered & Prettier

This time of year, the flowers are blooming and the weather is warming up and spring is in the air, which means it’s time for spring cleaning. But even after you get your space clean, it can still feel messy and that’s when organizing and decluttering can really make a difference.

Not sure where to start? Getting rid of these things - some of which you won’t even miss because you probably don’t even use them - can make your home less cluttered and even prettier.

  • Wire hangers - While you’re rearranging your closet space and moving coats to the back, give yourself a cheap upgrade and ditch all your wire hangers and replace them with matching wooden or velvet ones.
  • Donate old shoes and clothes - Free up space by getting rid of the garments you don’t wear or don’t fit. If they’re in good condition, donate them, but if not? Just trash them and be done with it.
  • Lonely socks - While you’re at it, throw away all the socks that no longer have a match. If those lost socks haven’t shown up by now, they’re never going to.
  • Expired makeup and skincare - Beauty products have expiration dates and chances are, your makeup bag has some items that are past their prime in there.
  • Medication - It also expires, so do a quick check and toss medicines that are no longer good.
  • Expired food - Your pantry is probably home to some food that’s expired and should be thrown away. Same goes for your fridge. And if you’re feeling really ambitious, wipe down the shelves while you’re in there.
  • Useless electronic plugs and chargers - Are you a plug hoarder? Many of us are. But if you don’t know what that random plug even goes to, it can just be trashed. Trust us.
  • Appliance manuals and original packaging for electronics - You don’t need that old iPhone box and you can Google instructions for pretty much anything now. Think how much clutter you can clear by getting rid of all those old manuals and packaging.

Source: Evie

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