Non-Obvious Signs Someone's Rich

Sure, there are obvious signs that someone’s rich, but there are also some nonobvious signs, too. Redditor u/ues1bredev was curious about this and asked fellow Redditors, “What’s a nonobvious sign someone is rich?” and the answers are fascinating.. and not wrong!

  • "They wear very nice clothing without any brand identification."
  • "Most of the time, they will stay quiet about money, but never balk when presented with a bill."
  • "Casually having expensive hobbies. Stuff like sailing, skiing, and golfing. Especially in areas where those activities aren’t as accessible, and if they’ve been doing it for a long time. You live in the Midwest, but you’ve been surfing since you were 10? Probably rich."
  • "They will keep a low profile, driving cars that blend in. Nice, reliable vehicles, but nothing too flashy."
  • "They go out of their way to eat meals with fresh vegetables. And not just corn or tomatoes either. It’s an odd one, but I have noticed the wealthier friends have to eat differently than the middle-class friends I have."
  • "Their couches don't touch the wall."
  • "Alterations. Their clothes fit perfectly because they don’t expect things off the rack to fit perfectly, so they have someone alter them to fit."

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Source: Reddit

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