France To Make Influencers Label Filtered Images...Or They'll Face Fines

One European country is cracking down on beauty filters and retouching images. A new law is being proposed in France that would make it mandatory for influencers to label photos or videos that are retouched or filtered. The measure would also ban influencers from promoting plastic surgery on social media as part of paid partnerships.

France’s Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire says the government is trying to “limit the destructive psychological effects” filters and retouching have on social media users. He also says there will be a “zero-tolerance approach” to anyone who breaks the rules, which are being debated by France’s National Assembly this week.

They won’t be taking it easy on rule breakers, as those who violate the strict regulations could face up to two years in jail and $32,515 in fines. Any influencers found guilty won’t be allowed to use social media or continue their careers on the platforms, which may be even worse for them. “Influencers must be subject to the same rules as those that apply to traditional media,” Le Maire says, adding that the Internet “is not the Wild West.”

Source: NY Post

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