Fitness-Loving Singles Are Hitting The Gym For First Dates

These days, more people seem to want a clear head when they’re going out with someone new, which is why the “dry dating” trend is becoming more popular. And new research shows that more singles are ditching the bar and opting to exercise on first dates instead. A survey from the dating app Bumble finds that nearly half (46%) of Gen Z and millennials would rather meet someone at an exercise class than on a night out.

Just over one in five (22%) of singles between the ages of 18 and 34 have exercised or gone to the gym on a first date, with the most popular workouts including HIIT, running and pilates or yoga. And a third of those polled have gone to a fitness class with the goal of meeting a new potential love interest.

The research also shows that Gen Z and millennials would rather enjoy an exercise-related date over one involving alcohol, with 29% saying they’d rather go to a fitness class on a first date than to a bar. And since dating and finding love is all about common interests and shared passions, it makes sense that those who are fitness-focused would want to find someone who feels the same way. And getting those endorphins pumping together seems like an ideal starting point.

Source: Glamour

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