The Reasons People Called Off Their Engagements

Sometimes you get engaged… and instead of walking down the aisle… you don’t make it. Engagements end for different reasons, and members of the “Buzzfeed Community” are spilling why they broke off their engagements.

  • "When he couldn't take time off work to emotionally support me during a family funeral because he'd taken 'too many days off,' but could take a day off a few weeks later to go to see ‘Avengers: Endgame.’ Ended it two months later."
  • "I think everyone in high school has that one couple who gets 'engaged' in their junior or senior year. Yeah, I [was] in one of those relationships. Ended up realizing that I was a literal child and that was dumb. That is why I never went through with it."
  • "I was pregnant, and he kept disappearing at night [for months] and sleeping on the couch. He kept telling me that he loved me, but it was different. ... I couldn't take it anymore and told him I was finishing it for him because he didn't have the guts."
  • "It wasn't any single event. I realized I was planning a wedding while simultaneously imagining myself divorced five years down the road. Seemed like a bad idea."
  • "I was engaged to a man from another country who I met and dated while I was living in said country. I came back to the states and started preparing a fiancé visa for him. I was calling him one day, and his other wife answered. Needless to say, the visa application did not go through."

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Source: Buzzfeed

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