The Things People Swore They'd Never Do As Adults But Now Do

When we’re young, we have a vision of what life as an adult will look like. When we become adults, we looked back at that vision and laugh. There are things we told ourselves we’d never do, that we now do. This is true for Redditor u/1234kyou_ who asked, "What did you swear in your childhood you would never do but ended up doing anyways?" and here are some super relatable answers.

  • "Napping on purpose."
  • "Work in a sterile office building. The cringe I felt, and now I put up with it."
  • "Stop talking to my friends. There used to be six of us; now it's just me."
  • "Move back in with a parent. Done it twice now."
  • "Be single. I thought that, by the age I am now, I’d be settled down with the man of my dreams and have a couple of grown-up kids. But here I am, not even dating, never had children, living the corporate life in a big city. Weird."
  • "I used to think it was silly that people cared about their lawn so much. I am now obsessed with manicuring my lawn in the summer months."
  • "I got a dog, and I put clothes on her. I always said I would never do either thing. She’s really small, and we live in a cold place, so she has to wear a coat when we go outside. My sister had a chihuahua who would bring you her clothes and beg for you to help her put them on!"
  • "Tell my kid, 'Because I said so.'"

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Source: Buzzfeed

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