Get Outside And Do These Fun Things

Spring is officially here! For many, the sun’s back out, it’s getting warmer again, and you just want to be outside as much as you can. You’ve been cooped up all winter long, it’s time to get some fresh air!

To help you get outside as much as possible, “Teen Vogue” has rounded up a great list of outdoor activities, both usual ones and some not-so-usual but still fun ones. Use this as a checklist this season and see how many you do!

  1. Wander through a botanical garden
  2. Make some art underneath a big tree
  3. Head to a farmer’s market
  4. Shop vintage treasurers at a flea market
  5. Plant a garden
  6. Find an outdoor workout
  7. Visit the nearest state park
  8. Dine al fresco
  9. Read in the park
  10. See what festivals are in town

For even more, click HERE!

Source: Teen Vogue

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