Dating Yellow Flags That May Turn Red

You’ve heard of green flags in a relationship. You’ve heard of red flags in a relationship. But have you heard of yellow flags? Yellow flags aren’t dealbreakers, but they are things you should pay attention to because they can turn into red flags.

Basically, yellow flags are given to qualities that could be someone’s weird quirk (that you may grow to love!) or are things that have the potential to turn bad. So, which dating yellow flags should you pay special attention to? Here are some that have a good chance of turning into red flags.

  1. They’re completely inconsistent.
  2. They refuse to talk about their past relationships.
  3. They’re disrespectful or dismissive towards other people but nice to you.
  4. They have unrealistic expectations or demands.
  5. They avoid getting deep or talking about anything real.
  6. They blame other people for their problems and shun accountability.
  7. They’re emotionally unavailable.
  8. They’re always late every time you want to meet up.
  9. They refuse to compromise and want things their way or the highway.
  10. They seem super moody or unstable.

Source: Bolde

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