A Redditor Asked For An Easy Way To Save Money And Got Some Great Tips

Between inflation and the cost of living, it can feel impossible to save money. But, it actually isn’t as impossible as you may think. You can thank Redditor u/halal_queries_only who asked fellow Redditors “what’s an easy way to save money?” and people had some great – and easy – tips.

  • "If your job does direct deposit, one easy way to save is to open a savings account where a certain amount of your direct deposit is automatically put in for you. It’s like out of sight, out of mind (for me at least)."
  • "Learn how to cook. ('But I don't know how to cook.') Cooking is literally just following instructions. There are YouTube videos or websites that can spell out everything you need."
  • "Buy in bulk and freeze your meat. I just got eight pounds of ground beef and 10 chicken breasts for $15 each. That's about 40 meals worth of meat for $30."
  • "Don’t check out immediately when you're online shopping. Let an item sit in your cart for a few days, then decide if you really need/want it."
  • "Don’t save what is left after spending but rather spend what is left after saving. In other words, pay yourself first."
  • "When you get a pay raise, add that to the amount you're saving already. Just don't increase your expenses accordingly."

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Source: Reddit

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