People Are Sharing Their Wildest (And Strangest) First Dates

Sometimes first dates go great and there’s a second date. Other times, they are a complete disaster. And then there are those times when the first date is just straight-up wild and weird. Those are the dates that members of the “Buzzfeed Community” are currently sharing and some of these are just strange.

  • "We had met on Tinder — no big deal. But he took me to meet his grandma, and it was like I had to interview with her before we went to dinner. Sweet lady but very awkward, especially since I didn’t talk to him again after that date."
  • "Girl took me to go see where Ted Bundy supposedly hid the bodies of his victims."
  • "Had a lovely evening with a beautiful dinner and a romantic walk in the park. While sitting on the park bench imagining our second date, he asked me to go to one more place — home to meet his wife. They were swingers. I'm out!"
  • "I was invited to go to lunch, and instead, he drove to a nudist camp. He took his clothes off at the pool. I didn’t. Lol. He wasn’t pushy about it and didn’t try to force anything, thankfully. I was shocked by the whole situation, to say the least."
  • "He took me to dinner, then to his friend's house for a 'party.' It turned out to be recruitment for some pyramid marketing scheme. I got out ASAP, and he wouldn't stop calling me after that. Fool me once, shame on him, but fool me twice?? I ain't no schmuck."

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Source: Buzzfeed

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