People Are Sharing The Best Day Of The Week To Go On A First Date

So you’re taking things off of dating apps and into real life, yay! Now it’s time to plan the first date, which includes deciding on a day to suggest. This actually can be a more difficult decision than you originally thought. To help, “Metro UK” asked on Twitter, and at their HQ, what the best day of the week to go on a first date is. Unfortunately, there wasn’t one unanimous decision – the answers were quite the mixed bag. Here’s what they said.

  • “Wednesday gets my vote! It’s before the weekend vibes set in, so you don’t look too committed or free of other offers. Monday is too keen to meet, and Tuesday is a nice prep, ‘what shall I wear’, decider day.’”
  • “My personal rule is no first dates between Thursday and Saturday.”
  • “I quite like a Sunday. It implies an early night (so no sex), and I try to arrange it near to where I live, so I can get home easily.”
  • “There is absolutely no way I’m wasting a Saturday night with a stranger that I may never see again.”
  • “ ‘I think weekends work best. You’ve got more time to spend with them.”


Metro also asked Hayley Quinn, a dating expert for “Match” what her opinion was. “Aim for a Wednesday or Thursday evening, or a Sunday brunch. Friday or Saturday nights are likely to be saved for socializing with friends and not seen as worth spending on a first date,” she said. “Mondays and Tuesdays are also out, as people usually won’t want a late night or to get out of their routine too early in the week.”

Source: Metro UK

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