"OnlyPlans" Is A New Dating Trend To Watch Out For


So, you matched with someone on an app and started chatting – yay! You continue talking, both seem to be into each other, and decide to take things IRL and meet for a date – again, yay! But then the morning of, one of you gives and excuse and cancels. This last-minute canceling has become so common there’s even a name for it now – OnlyPlans.

It may be obvious, but the name is clearly a play from “OnlyFans.” “Plenty of Fish” coined the name in its annual report, explaining that “OnlyPlans [is the act of] repeatedly planning dates with someone, but never actually following through on them.” The report also explains what some of these excuses look like. “Whether it's a ‘work emergency,’ a sudden need to babysit a friend's pet or the classic, ‘too much traffic’ [excuse], 52 percent of singles have experienced this situation.”

Why are people doing this? Some people get enough validation connecting virtually, they don’t see a need to meet IRL. The other reason is that dating apps allow people to stay in their comfort zone – behind the screens – while still providing them with a ton of options they can chat with and get attention from.

Source: PureWow

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