Men Admit What They Didn’t Know About Women Before Dating


A thread on Ask Reddit is revealing how clueless some guys were about females until they started dating them. It asks, “Boys, what is something you didn’t know about girls until you got with one?” These are some of the surprising things dudes admit they didn’t know about women.

  • "How expensive bras are. Growing up, I assumed they were like underwear: $7.99 for a four-pack at Target."
  • "The amount of hair that's just everywhere."
  • "That eyelash curlers exist. I grew up with sisters but never saw them use one. My girlfriend at the time pulled one out as we were looking to go out, and I was perplexed and horrified."
  • "They share way more details with their friends than we do."
  • "When they tell you their problems, they don't always want you to solve them — even if you think you have a quick and easy solution. Sometimes they just want you to listen and sympathize."
  • "That hair washing is something that needs planning for and has consequences if missed or overdone."
  • "I thought that the sticky side of menstrual pads had to stick to the body to stay attached, not to the underwear."
  • "I didn't know just how bad the unprompted sexts women get are. I mean, I'm a gay dude where that's not uncommon either, but my girlfriends will randomly get super-aggressive texts from, like, the realtor who showed them open rental properties last year, or a guy in their lab class they've literally never spoken to. "
  • "Their underwear is not universal. Certain kinds of underwear suit certain types of clothes."
  • "I didn't know that birth control had so many (often prevalent) side effects."
  • "That doctors just do not listen to women about their own bodies. My girlfriend (and ex) have both had me go into doctor's appointments with them so I could verify what they're saying about their own bodies. It is mind-blowing to experience."
  • "Their pockets are fake!!!!"
  • "Those mini hair clip things that look like paper clips are not just a fashion accessory; they're also a territorial marker. See how many you find around the house after your girl stays for a night or two."

Source: Reddit

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