How To Spring Clean Your Dating Profile


Spring’s officially here and you know what that means – it’s time for spring cleaning. That shouldn’t just apply to your house or room; it should apply to all aspects of your life, including the digital ones.

Think about it, when was the last time you updated your dating profile? Adding your dating profile to your spring cleaning list is a great idea, especially if your dating goals have changed or your pics are a little old now.

Not sure how to spring-clean your dating profile? “Metro UK” spoke with the director of relationship science at Hinge, Logan Ury, and here are her tips.

  1. Freshen up. Check and see if you have things in it that people can use as an opening line, instead of just “hey.” If there isn’t, add it.
  2. Tap into your quirks. Profiles that are successful include a mix of your silly side and your serious side.
  3. Speak your truth. If the app lets you leave voice notes or vids, consider doing it, as people say hearing someone’s voice plays a factor in potential attraction.
  4. Set your intentions. Be upfront about your expectations and make sure your profile’s up to date and shows it.
  5. You’re better than the cliches. Show the real you rather than adding a cliché to your profile that everyone else has in theirs.
  6. Show your social side. Have one – just one – picture that shows you with friends or family. It shows you have a healthy social life!
  7. Skip the small talk. Don’t have one-word answers in your bio. Really answer them and show people who you are.

Source: Metro UK

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