Use These Breakup Texts Instead of Just Ghosting

Yeah, ghosting’s an easy and nonconfrontational way to break things off, which is why many people don’t think twice about ghosting. But if you want to do better, “PopSugar” is here to help. They spoke with experts to come up with easy texts you can send to the person you want to end things with. You’ll still be breaking up with them, but in a much more mature and respectful way. You can tailor these texts to fit your needs. You can also simply copy, paste and press send.

  • "Hi [Insert Name], I've given it some thought and checked within, and although you're great, I don't feel we're a romantic match, so I'd like to end our conversation here. Wishing you all the best moving forward."
  • "I have to be honest and let you know that some internal triggers have come up as a result of engaging with you. These have nothing to do with you and everything to do with me, but I've decided it's best for me to sort out those triggers and not pursue dating you further. Thanks so much for your understanding, and I wish you the best."
  • "You're really great, and out of respect for you and the time we've had together, I wanted to communicate this rather than just ghost. I've enjoyed my time with you, but I did some soul-searching and I don't feel that we're a match for the long-term. I think it's best to end our romantic interaction now, but I'm wishing you the best moving forward."
  • "Can we check in? I've been thinking about our relationship and realized it's no longer working for me."
  • "Hey [Insert Name]. I realized that I'm not really feeling up to getting to know a new person right now. It has been nice talking to you, but I need to take a step back. I appreciate you understanding and wish you the best in the future."

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Source: PopSugar

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