The Dumbest Excuses People Gave For Cheating

When people get caught cheating, they can give all kind of excuses for why they did what they did. Redditor u/Starboy3210 was curious about this and asked, "People of Reddit, what is the dumbest reason your (ex) partner gave for cheating?" There were some real dumb answers, and here are some of them.

  • "My ex said that he cheated on me with his kids' mom so it didn't count."
  • "My ex told me, 'You are dying! Do you really want me alone when you are dead?' I was fighting cancer. Luckily, both types of cancer are out of my life now."
  • "My ex said they were 'so drunk' they 'forgot' they had a boyfriend."
  • "I couldn't have sex for two weeks because I was recovering from surgery, so she thought it wasn't 'cheating.'"
  • "My ex tried to say that she needed to make sure she could do it with someone else before being able to have a threesome with me. I never once offered a threesome, so I don't know where the idea came from."
  • "He said that he cheated on me because I wanted to have too much sex. More than five years later, I still can't find any logic in that."
  • "He said it was my fault for not being at that party with him, even though I wasn’t invited, and he didn’t tell me he was going."
  • "My ex said, 'Just because we're living together doesn't mean we're monogamous!'"
  • "My ex told me, 'Long distance is really hard.' I lived an hour away."

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Source: Reddit

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