The Super Immature Things Adults Admit To Still Doing

Just because we’re adults doesn’t mean we always have to act like ones, right? Redditor u/Due_Winner_2026 doesn’t think so! They took to the forum to ask, "What’s something that is incredibly immature that you will never stop doing?" If you’re still holding on to things from your childhood that bring you joy, you’re not alone!

  • "Buying dino nuggets. They taste better than the regular ones, they just do."
  • "Giving myself a boost, then jumping on the back of my grocery cart and riding on the way to the car."
  • "Blowing the paper from my straw wrapper at my kids, hubby, or whomever is with me. I can’t help myself!"
  • "Talking to objects, and giving voices to animals and stuffed animals."
  • "Whenever someone asks me if I've seen a lost item and I respond with 'Did you check your butt?'"
  • "Saying 'JINX' when me and someone else say the same thing at the same time. You cannot stop me."
  • "Saying 'in bed' after reading a fortune from a fortune cookie."
  • "Running up the stairs on all fours, AKA 'beast mode.'"
  • "'That's what she/he said' and 'title of your sex tape' jokes. It's like a reflex now, I can't help it."

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Source: Buzzfeed

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