How To Keep Things From Being Too Awkward On A First Date

First dates can be awkward, even if you already know the person. The awkwardness can make you feel like you want to crawl into a hole but it actually can be a good thing. It shows that both of you care about how the date will go and that you both want to make good impressions!

You probably don’t want the whole first date to be full of awkwardness though. So how can you keep things from being too awkward? Here’s how.

  1. Choose a low-key location. A laid-back environment will take pressure off of you and help with your vibe.
  2. Don’t take yourself too seriously. Be your authentic self!
  3. Show interest if it’s there. Like asking them questions about themselves or something they said.
  4. Keep the conversation light. Don’t bring up big topics like politics and religion just yet.
  5. Remember that you’re there to have fun. It’s not the end of the world if things don’t work out – just relax and have fun!

Source: Bolde

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