What People Who Really Love Their Jobs Do For A Living

A lot of people really hate their jobs, which means they’re pretty miserable for a lot of hours every week. But some folks actually love what they do for a living and a Reddit thread has them sharing what they enjoy most about their job.

Nearly 4-thousand people have chimed in and these are some of the most-upvoted responses.

  • "National Park Ranger. Thirty-two years and counting."
  • "I am a kennel attendant. I care for and feed both dogs and cats. One of my daily requirements, if I have time to do it, is literally to play with a dog/cat or puppy/kitten. Doesn’t even feel like a job."
  • "I am the only IT guy for a family-owned business. They know nothing about computers, so as long as everything is running smoothly, they leave me alone. I only put in about 45 minutes of actual work every week."
  • "I’m an accountant for a bank. Good salary, great benefits, tons of PTO, and all holidays off. It’s not particularly exciting, rewarding, or fulfilling, but it gives me the security and freedom to make my life as exciting, rewarding, and fulfilling as possible."
  • "Electrician. It’s hard work most days, but satisfying seeing it all lit-up and functioning properly."
  • "I work in the pathology lab at a hospital. I process blood and biopsy samples onto microscope slides for the pathologists to read. I love it!"
  • "I got to work at JPL [NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory] for 35 years, designing and flying deep space missions. Galileo, Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, Stardust, Solar Probe, InSight, and others. It was an exceptionally fun job even when it was hard. And I met a whole bunch of very smart people."
  • "I make good money owning a nice dog boarding facility on my property. I love working at home, with dogs, and running my own business."
  • "I work in a log yard in Oregon. I work outside, so it can be rough in the winter/summer, but it keeps me moving, and it's an interesting gig. Been doing it about six years now."
  • "I’m a colorist. It’s like Photoshop for movies. I love it. But I feel very lucky to have this job, and to be successful in the industry."
  • "School janitor. $30/hour. 40 hours a week, 12 months a year. I get a shitload of awesome medical/dental benefits, paid vacation, sick days, every provincial and federal holiday off paid.”
  • "Not for everybody; but I am a lighting designer. Days are long, but there’s something amazing about finishing out a day by making a musician's show look as incredible as they sound. And I mean, I get paid to go to concerts, so that’s also a nice touch."

Source: Reddit

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