What Not To Text A Friend After Their Breakup

Seeing someone you love going through a breakup can almost be as hard as going through a breakup. You want to be there for them, but you don’t want to overwhelm them or make things worse. You especially don’t want to say the wrong to them.

Texting your friend post-breakup to remind them that you’re there for them is a great idea. To help make sure you’re saying the right things, here are some things you should definitely avoid texting them.

  1. “You’re better off without them!” Sure, it’s true, but it’s not helpful to them right at this moment. They’ll see it for themselves in due time.
  2. Don’t encourage them to start dating again before they’re ready. The best way to get over someone isn’t really to get under someone else, don’t suggest this.
  3. “I never liked them anyway!” Even if it’s true, they don’t need to hear it right now. They clearly liked him or her and don’t need you rubbing anything in their face.
  4. Don’t brush their feelings off or downplay them. A breakup is still painful, no matter how long or short the relationship may have been. Let them know their feelings are valid.
  5. “Wow, that lasted longer than I thought it would!” This is just straight up rude.

Source: Bolde

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