The Most Ridiculous Reasons People Have For Hating A Movie

No matter how much you may love a movie, you can’t talk your friends or family into sharing your opinion if they flat out don’t. Common complaints that lead people to dislike a movie include awkward dialogue and weak performances, but some reasons people give are a bit more … unique.

A Reddit thread has people sharing “the most ridiculous reason” they’ve heard for not liking a movie and some of these will have you shaking your head for sure:

  • "My mom didn't like ‘The Departed’ because she couldn't tell Matt Damon and Leonardo DiCaprio apart, and therefore found the plot confusing."
  • "My cousin hated ‘The Batman’ because it had 'too much thinking.'"
  • "I had a coworker just yesterday say he absolutely hated ‘Knives Out’ because Daniel Craig was not like James Bond in it. I guess this is how actors get typecast."
  • "My sister refused to watch ‘The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe’ because according to her, it promoted paganism and witchcraft and was anti-Christian. You know, ‘The Chronicles of Narnia,’ one of the most blunt biblical allegories ever written. By C.S. Lewis, a devout Christian."
  • "When ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ came out, I was talking to a friend who really disliked it. He was shocked when he said I loved it. I asked what he didn't like about it and he said, 'Where did they get all the chrome from?'"
  • "My brother dismissed the ‘Dark Knight’ trilogy because 'his face looks squished inside the mask.' The worst part is he's not wrong."
  • "My mother at this point in her life refuses to watch any movie that doesn't have either horses or a cooking montage in it. I convinced her to see ‘The Last Jedi’ because of the horse-like creatures at the casino planet and the new ‘Avatar’ because of the same. She hated them both because they weren't 'horse-y enough.'"
  • "The guy sitting behind me watching ‘Arrival’ was really irked that there was no big battle scene against the aliens."
  • "I once saw a one-star review for ‘The Princess Bride’ that complained there were no moral lessons learned."
  • "My mother doesn't like ‘Snowpiercer’ because she thought it was too unbelievable that the coats worn by the survivors at the end fit them perfectly."
  • "Current day? I have had at least two people tell me they couldn't take ‘The Banshees of Inisherin’ because 'cutting off fingers isn't a realistic reaction to someone saying they don't like you.'"
  • "My friend once got frustrated while we were watching a horror movie. She said, 'Why don't they just use their mobiles to call for help?! Stupid idiots.' … The film was made in 1978."

Source: Reddit

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