People Who Married The "Popular" Kid Spill What It's Like Now

Ever wonder what happened to the “popular” kid from school? The internet’s here to help. Redditors who married the popular kid in school are sharing what it’s like now… and how things ended up.

  • "I married the cool, hot guy — who looked like AJ from the Backstreet Boys — from high school. I'm a goth introvert. He cheated on me for years. We had two children, but he didn’t work; just smoked weed all day and night. Finally caught him sleeping with our babysitter (how cliché), and I was done."
  • "I was the cool girl in high school, marrying the cool guy from a neighboring high school. Homecoming queen and cheer captain marrying the popular prom king. We're incredibly boring now. No college degrees. I work two jobs, and he cleans for the school district. But we're happy with it. We have an easy routine, pay the bills, and raise two beautiful kids together. Life is good for the most part."
  • "My husband was the popular athlete in high school and president of his frat in college. I’ve always been the creative person who is comfortable being a loner. It surprised me just how insecure he really is, and that makes him a people pleaser to his own detriment. He has a need for people to like him and takes everything so personally. He used to give me cr*p for not having friends, but his self-esteem is so dependent on what other people think about him that it’s sad."
  • "We didn’t go to school together, but I married the captain of the cheerleading team. She’s a very down-to-earth, good human being who has never been elitist or a snob in any way. She does wish she still had her high school body (who doesn’t?), but she looks more beautiful to me now than she does in any old pictures. We have a large family and are very happy."

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Source: Reddit

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