A Guide To Teen Slang...for Parents

It feels like it wasn’t all that long ago that Gen Xers and millennials were saying things like “that’s so rad” or “my eyebrows are on fleek,” but now many of them are parents who have no idea what most of the words coming out of their own kids’ mouths mean. If you’re confused by the terms and phrases your teen or tween uses, you’re definitely not alone.

To help us all understand, CafeMom has put together a handy guide of the slang teenagers use today.

  • No cap - It means “no lie,” as in “Did you really get Beyoncé tickets?” “I did, no cap.”
  • Bussin’ - This one means something is really, really good and it’s often used to describe food, as in “That cookie is bussin’.”
  • Simp - As a noun, it can mean someone who shows over-the-top attention to someone, it typically describes a guy who really likes someone and does what they want or is submissive to them. As a verb, it means groveling or sucking up.
  • Not you … (doing X) - It can be used to praise someone or express surprise in a positive way, like when a friend steps out of their comfort zone to raise their hand in class, a pal would say, “Not you becoming a star student today.”
  • Bet! - This can mean a few things, mostly things like “yes,” “let’s do it” or “okay,” such as when someone says “I bet you won’t call Addie tonight,” responding “bet” means “challenge accepted” or “it’s on.”
  • Bruh - Teens love this one and it’s basically another form of “bro,” but it can also be used to express surprise or shock. Like after hearing that Chloe and Brad made out, a response of “bruh” would make sense.
  • Don’t be sus - Or that’s sus translates to don’t be suspicious or weird or something is suspicious or questionable.
  • It’s Gucci - This just means that it’s all good or we’re fine, and it can also mean that something is nice or fashionable, as it comes from the designer fashion brand, Gucci.
  • It’s giving - Very popular right now, it means “the vibe or feel of something.” It can be used alone, just “it’s giving” by itself means whatever is being described is really cool. Or it can be used with a noun, like “It’s giving 2007” to describe a zebra-print bag found at a thrift store.

Source: Cafe Mom

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