TikTok’s Moon Phase Trend Claims To Reveal Your Soulmate

You might not think the moon has anything to do with your love life, but TikTok does. A new trend on the platform promises to reveal how compatible two people are based on the phases of the moon and their birthdays.

TikTok’s moon phase compatibility test claims that you can find out if your crush or partner is your real soulmate by comparing the phases of the moon on the day you were both born.

  • To figure out what moon phase you were born under, check out this moon phases website and enter your birthdate.
  • Save or screenshot the image of the moon phase on the day you were born.
  • Do the same for your partner’s birthday and make sure both images are the same size.
  • Compare the two images and if they make a full moon when combined, you’re destined for love or meant to be together, according to TikTok.

While the trend may be fun, if your moon phases don’t create a full moon, don’t fret. Astrologers remind us that this doesn’t mean you haven’t found the one. Celebrity astrologer Kyle Thomas says astrological compatibility is much more complicated and “cannot be broken down to a simple TikTok trend regarding moon phases.”

Source: Good Morning America

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