The Nastiest Things People Have Heard Someone Say About Them... At Work

Bad-mouthing at work happens. If you’ve ever worked in an office, you know all about gossip and water cooler talk. But have you ever accidentally heard someone saying something bad about you behind your back? Members of the “Buzzfeed Community” have and they’re spilling their stories.

  • "I was the only woman in sales at multiple car dealerships, and I was very good at it. But if I had a dollar for every time I overheard the guys saying that the only reason I was getting better numbers than them was that I was either f**king the customers on test drives, f**king the boss, or both, I'd be enjoying an early retirement."
  • "I overheard two of my coworkers, one of whom I was friends with, talking about how they opened my paycheck to see how much I got paid and how it 'wasn’t fair.' I told the manager, who did nothing. Safe to say, I quit my job shortly after."
  • "I was working in an office for home health aides. I was visiting another location and asked to use their computers. I found a roster with all the names of the employees on it. Next to my name, it said 'RUDE.' The name under mine said 'WORTHLESS.' I knew then that I wouldn't be there much longer."
  • "I received an email that was forwarded to me asking for help with a project. There were several emails on the chain beforehand. The initial email was actually from one of my partners saying that he wasn't sure I was proactive enough to handle the work. The person who forwarded the email to me hadn’t even read far enough down to see the note about me, and they were mortified when I pointed it out."

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Source: Buzzfeed

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