Instagram Is The App We Want To Delete Most

There are all kinds of reasons someone may want to delete a popular app from their phone, but it seems people really want to get rid of one app in particular. And new research tells us which one that is.

An analysis of search trends from cybersecurity site VPNOverview looked at a recent six-month period to find out which apps racked up the most Internet searches from folks looking to delete them. Social media apps made up the top four, but the research shows Americans wanted to delete Instagram far more than any other app.

During that span, there were more than 900-thousand searches for how to “delete” or “deactivate” Instagram, more than any of the other 30 most popular apps by download, according to VPNOverview. That was more than double the number of searches for deleting or deactivating Facebook, which had the second most searches in the analysis.

The five apps people wanted to delete most during those six months were:

  • Instagram (900,120 searches)
  • Facebook (385,410 searches)
  • Snapchat (217,400 searches)
  • Twitter (92,490 searches)
  • Telegram (24,819 searches)

Source: CNBC

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