Tinder Adds a “Dating Dictionary” For Older Singles

Do you ever feel out-of-touch or confused by dating terms used by younger generations? You’re not the only one and Tinder is here to help. They’ve come out with a “dating dictionary” of slang used by Gen Z to help us know what they’re talking about.

The dating app created the handy guide after their research shows that 62% of 18 to 25-year-olds feel “they speak a very different language” than older singles when it comes to dating. Relationship expert Georgia Grace explains that while “the basics of dating haven’t really changed,” the words Gen Z uses to describe them has and the dictionary can help everyone - even those who aren’t dating.

Many of the terms Tinder includes were identified in their Tinder Year In Swipe 2022 report that came out in December. These are a few of the dating dictionary terms:

  • Cushioning” - This refers to keeping several backup relationships on standby to fall back on if your main one doesn’t work out.
  • Daterview” - A date that feels more like a job interview.
  • Hard launch” - It’s the first official “couple photo” shared online.
  • Ick” - A turn-off, including more than just sexual turn-offs.
  • Kittenfishing” - This one refers to tweaking or embellishing parts of our life or appearance to make yourself more appealing on dating apps. Unlike catfishing, this isn’t pretending to be someone else entirely, just falsely presenting yourself.
  • Rizz” - Short for charisma, it’s when someone can easily charm others, also known as having “game.”
  • Situationship” - This describes the in-between, undefined relationship status when someone is more than a hook-up, but not really a couple.

Source: NY Post

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