Some Signs You Don't Miss Your Ex, You Miss Being In A Relationship

Sometimes, there’s a really really really blurry line between actually missing your ex and really just missing being in a relationship. Especially if you were in a relationship for a while and no longer are you, you may just miss feeling loved by someone, rather than missing your ex themselves.

But how do you know for sure which of these two categories you fall into? Here are the signs that you don’t actually miss your ex, you just miss being in a relationship.

  1. They pop into your head when you’re lonely.
  2. You miss going out on nice dates.
  3. They’re dating someone else.
  4. You ignore the fact that they sucked.
  5. You miss waking up to cute messages.
  6. You miss being cuddled.
  7. You’re sick of watching Netflix (or TV) alone.
  8. You miss having steady sex.
  9. You start to really miss him when you see other couples.
  10. You’re afraid of never meeting someone.
  11. You know you’re better off.

Source: Bolde

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