Men On Reddit Are Spilling Qualities That Make Women Instantly Attractive

There are qualities that can instantly make someone more attractive. But what are they? Redditor u/nlg93 wanted to know and asked, "People attracted to women: What is something not inherently sexual that makes you think a woman is sexy?" People got really honest with their answers!

  • "Caring. I melted when she zipped my jacket up to protect me from the cold."
  • "Going out of their way to talk to me. Makes me feel wanted."
  • "When her interests line up with mine."
  • "When they’re passionate about their interests, I especially love when they want to talk about it all the time, teach you, show you. I’ve met so many women who just seem to have no interests, no hobbies, no goals — and I can never form a connection with them. I’m very passionate about the things I like, and I’m attracted to women who are the same."
  • "Her confidence in her own skin makes her glow with radiant beauty that is contagious."
  • "When she says, 'I'm proud of you always.'"
  • "If they’re received positively by other women. Energy speaks loudly."
  • "A person who is honest about my mistakes or what exactly she likes instead of not telling me what I am doing wrong or get mad if I don't choose the right restaurant when I ask for your preference."
  • "Talent is sexy AF. Singing, painting, writing — whatever. Do it well and do it with style, and you’ll have (and keep) my attention."
  • "When they flick their hair aside and they smell like heaven."

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source: Reddit

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