We Spend A Sixth Of Our Lives Trying To Look Better

How long do you spend getting ready every day? People spend an average of one-sixth of their life on trying to enhance their physical appearance, according to new research.

To identify universal beauty trends, researchers analyzed survey data from more than 93-thousand people in 93 countries and different cultures. They looked at the application of makeup, hair grooming, clothing style, body hygiene, exercise and dietary habits as things people do to make themselves look better. And the study results show:

  • Nearly all of the participants admit to spending at least 10 minutes every day on improving their appearance, but most routines took a lot longer.
  • Women spend an average of four hours a day primping in some way and men spend just over three-and-a-half hours doing the same.
  • Younger people and those who are dating are more likely to be concerned about their looks.
  • Those with weaker immune systems are too, but researchers note that people with an illness may spend more time on their appearance to hide signs of being sick.
  • The biggest predictor of beauty-enhancing behavior is someone’s social media use, and how much TV they watch was also a factor.
  • People who spend more time trying to look better tend to consider themselves more (versus less) attractive, less (versus more) educated, have higher (versus lower) socioeconomic status and have more right-wing (versus left-wing) political views.

Source: NY Post

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