Plastic Surgeon Warns Long-Distance Running Speeds Up Aging

Fans of running love the activity because it’s not only great exercise, it can be done anywhere, at any time. But a plastic surgeon from New York is warning that there’s a downside to long-distance running that many may not be aware of. According to Dr. Gerald Imber, it can speed up aging.

In a viral TikTok video, he explains that the high-impact nature of running can negatively impact the runner’s skin. “Have you ever seen a long distance runner who didn’t have a gaunt, old face,” Imber asks. “That’s what happens to people who run.”

The surgeon explains that marathon running also causes stress to the body, in ways people may be more familiar with. “Your knees go, your ankles go, your back goes,” Imber says. “It’s kind of dumb.” Despite the issues he names, the doc stresses that there’s nothing wrong with running occasionally, noting that running a couple of miles a few times a week is “terrific.” But Imber adds, “Low or no impact is the best way to get your exercise.”

The comments section is filled with both runners and non-runners debating what the doctor has to say.

  • “Personal trainer here," writes one user. "I completely agree with you.”
  • “This," a woman comments. "44 with two hip replacements. I used to run 6 miles per day.”
  • But others defend the workout, like one who comments, “Running keeps me sane and sober.”
  • “I love running. It's therapeutic for me and I feel amazing after a good run." another writes. “I'm addicted to the runner's high. I guess I'll look old but feel great!”

Source: Fox News

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