People Share The Moment They Realized They’re Dating An Idiot

Like U2 said, “Love is blindness,” which means it can be pretty hard to see your partner’s flaws when you’re in love. But no one’s perfect and when you do notice your partner’s flaws, it can be pretty surprising and even embarrassing. A Reddit thread has people sharing those by asking, “What was your ‘I’m dating a f-ing idiot’ moment?”

From more than 10-thousand responses, these are some of the most entertaining:

  • “Watched a doc that explained how sharks have electricity receptors which they use to hunt. He said, ‘that's not possible. sharks are supposedly millions of years old but we only invented electricity a hundred years ago.’”
  • “She thought that if you drive south you were going downhill, and uphill if you drive north.”
  • “I went on a couple dates with a woman who owned two large energetic dogs. When she bought them she was informed that she'd need to walk them every day to get them exercise and burn off energy. To save time, instead of walking them she'd take them for a drive and thought that accomplished the same thing.”
  • “We drove past a windmill on a windy day. She commented how it was too windy out and they should turn the windmill down. She was dead serious.”
  • “I was the idiot. I thought a French press worked by putting the coffee on top of the plunger, lowering it in, and then pulling it out. My girlfriend really wrestled with whether she could keep dating me after that one.”
  • “She didn’t know how to get to my house from anywhere but her house. Her work was about halfway between my house and hers, but she had to drive home first every time before she could drive to my house. *this was pre-smart phones.”
  • “An ex literally thought the olives were made by pickling grapes.”
  • “He put a load of laundry in with mixed color and whites...poured in bleach to whiten the whites...was shocked that the bleach bleached everything in the load. I had to explain that the bleach will bleach everything you put in it as the bleach cannot discern what you want bleached or not...he was shocked, truly stunned, and flabbergasted.”
  • “A man I was dating said using a tampon was a form of cheating and he was 100% serious. He was literally enraged by the thought of me using tampons.”
  • I introduced him to my stepsister. He said, ‘weird, you guys look nothing alike.’”
  • “My ex didn't think it rained over the ocean because there was enough water there already. She was shocked it rained when we were on a cruise.”
  • “When she agreed to marry me”

Source: Reddit

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