Don't Let These Five Things Slide In A Relationship

Being blinded by love is a saying for a reason. Love sometimes gets us to let things slide in a relationship that really shouldn’t. Sure, you shouldn’t sweat the small stuff… but you also shouldn’t be ignoring or making excuses for some big stuff.

What’s the big stuff you should never let slide? Here are five of them.

  1. Public humiliation. Playful teasing’s one thing, but taking it too far – especially in front of others – isn’t OK. If you’re being insulted or spoken to with derogatory words or terms, that’s a big no.
  2. Broken trust. Trust can be restored, but you have to make sure they’re actively trying to fix the issue. Address what’s bothering you and see what actions they take to make things better. If they don’t make any changes, there’s your answer.
  3. Ongoing jealousy. Sure, feeling jealous on occasion is fine, but if it’s constant or possessive, it’s not going to change. It can lead to controlling behavior.
  4. Compromised values. Yeah, opposites attract and you have to compromise in a relationship but you should never have to completely change your core values.
  5. A lack of communication. By not communicating, relationships are more likely to have conflicts and misunderstandings… which cause tension to rise.

Source: BestLife

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