Subtle Signs Someone Is NOT a Good Person

How good are you at judging someone’s character? Whether it’s when you’ve just met someone new, or you’re re-evaluating someone you thought you knew, we’ve all found ourselves trying to figure out, “Are they a good person?” But how do you know? A Reddit thread digs into this topic by asking, “What is a subtle sign someone isn’t a good person?”

More than 16-thousand people are sharing their insights and these could come in handy someday:

  • "They tell small lies — the kind you might pick up on and not mention, because it’s not anything big, but when added up, they can completely change the context of a situation."
  • "They are very concerned with making sure you know they're a good person."
  • "They tell you things about their other ‘friends’ that they should keep between them. It also means they’re telling your business to someone else."
  • "Talking about how all their friends left them or that they were kicked out of multiple friend groups. It keeps happening for a reason."
  • "How they treat the person serving them at dinner."
  • "They cut in line."
  • "They disregard you often."
  • "You see them mistreat others. If you see this, know that it will eventually be your turn to be on the receiving end."
  • “Listening to smart phone audio in public without headphones.”
  • "They always assume the worst motivations of anyone"
  • "If they say stuff like, 'Sometimes, I wonder if I'm a bad person, but then, I realize that a bad person would never question if they were bad, so I must be a good person!'"
  • "Being dishonest in small party games or board games."
  • "When they use religion as a reason to put other people down."
  • "Anything you say to them can and will be used against you, but subtly."
  • "Every time you interact with them, you feel worse than before."

Source: Reddit

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