The Most Insane Things People’s Exes Did After Breaking Up

Not many breakups are mutually decided, which can leave one person feeling rejected or scorned. With emotions running high, they may lash out, especially if they’re the vindictive type. We’ve all done some things we regret after a relationship ends, but a new Reddit thread has people calling out the craziest thing their ex did after a breakup.

Thousands of people are sharing the insane things their exes did and these are some of the worst:

  • “Said she was pregnant and sent me a positive test. I searched positive pregnancy test results on Google imagines…it was the first one to pop up.”
  • “Cheated on me, refused to sign the divorce papers, so I had to pay an attorney thousands more to show up to court. Showed up to court, judge asked: kids? No. Shared property? No. Bank accounts? No significant money in them. Judge literally asked, ‘why are you here?’ I pointed at her, he sighed, signed the divorce and said ‘next case.’ Thousands of dollars for literally two minutes of court time.”
  • “Threw out my passport as it wasn’t hers”
  • “She stalked me, and went to the cops accusing me of rape. Wasn't a bright idea, as I had pictures of her following me. And texts saying she would ‘ruin my life if I didn’t get back together with her.’ She was eventually arrested for filing a false police report, and I got a restraining order on her.”
  • “Take out a credit card in my name, go to Greece, and rack up $6K in charges in my name then stick me with it.”
  • “Immediately started dating the girl he swore he wasn’t cheating on me with.”
  • “She started banging a 60-year-old dude (she was 27 at the time) who was married. Wife finds out, wife killed herself. She went to the funeral as his 'emotional support.'”
  • “She texted me saying that she's listening to our love song and that she misses me. We chatted a bit and everything went well. I sent her some flowers and chocolates the next day through the mail. She sent the cops to my house the day after that with assault with a weapon charges.”

Source: Reddit

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